Labor Day Loves

I always find myself dreading Labor Day.  It's like the last hurrah - the unofficial end of summer.  Whomp, Whomp! This year, instead of moping about the imminent winter weather, and the busy Fall season, let's savor the last of what summer in city has to offer - Hurricane Hermine or not... 

The city is is always spectacular during holiday weekends. Most everyone is out of the city, traffic is non-existent, and UBER is giving rides away (50% off all rides through Labor Day Monday, and $5 UBER pool rides all throughout Brooklyn--Holler!!). 

So, what to do this weekend? Go to the U.S. Open.  A short ride on the 7 train gets you to Arthur Ashe stadium where a full day of good tennis, food and drink awaits. The main matches are not dependent on the weather as this is the first year the stadium has a retractable roof. 

Look I'm In Queens! Entrance to the Open and Arthur Ashe Stadium is in the background.

I found the perfect balance of "Luxe-Americana" (yes, I'm coining that term) with an official Pat La Freida hot dog and glass of Moet Brut Imperial.  

My #MoetMoment at The Open. 

I also love partaking of the last of the outdoor busy summer offerings.  Grab some oysters and a great drink at Grand Banks.  This is a super cute hangout on the Hudson River that is always busy, and now with the city so quiet, it is much easier to grab some seats at the bar.  

My all time favorite outdoor resto is  Barbuto.  Boy, does Chef Jonathan Waxman know how to roast a chicken. Every table is great at this open air eatery with large garage doors that make you feel as though you are dining outside. Take that Hurricane Hermine! 


As a New Yorker, I love roof-topping.  Le Bain and Top of the Standard have some of the best views of the city's sunset. It's a little scene-y but it gives me a good reason to grab some friends and make our own party over a bottle of Champs. 

Although I am always one for a getaway, sometimes staying in the city over a long weekend is even better.  Enjoy!

<3 Love, Camille... 

PS: If you are jones-ing for some good BBQ this Labor Day, I have some spots for you...Pig Beach, The Smoke Joint, and Fette Sau. Also, you can never go wrong with Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke

PPS: As usual, all photo credit is yours truly :)