Fancy That...

Imagine putting all you're wishes and dreams out into the universe and they came true. 

It can happen and it does everyday.  At nine years old I decided I was going to become a professional ballet dancer.  I manifested my first career before I was a teenager because I focused my entire energy on that one goal.  Your focus is a manifestation of your reality.  That means you can make anything possible.  That's the secret. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE IT SO... 

"Get it together Lola"  you are in control of your life and your happiness. 

Think of life as a choreographed dance between time and your destiny.  Remember your magic your doing just fine babes. 

<3 Love, Camille 


It has taken me an entire year to get back on the blog horse.  Perhaps life, work, and the current political climate got in the way, however, if my my recent experience at Major Food Group's The Grill isn't worth a post, I don't know what is. 


Walking into the Seagram Building is like stepping back into Mid Century New York.  You feel super fancy--very Mad Men, meets Breakfast at Tiffany's, meets Working Girl.  It was hump day Wednesday and I was ready for a long, delicious, power lunch.  

We started with a glass of Dom Perignon 2006 as we decided on food and martini's.  Because that's what you order on a Wednesday at 2pm in midtown...

The Tuxedo and Grill Martini poured from cut crystal decanters  

In true Major Food Group form the staff was decked out in Tom Ford suits and tuxedos and the menus are that of classic New York steakhouse. We had the Seagram Crab Cake, Avocado Crab Louis Salad, Beef Tartare and a Club Sandwich--the sleeper hit on the table.

Our entrees we just as stunning as the starters, and when in Rome--you get the Dover Sole.  This is presented and filleted table side.  Other stunners on the table were the filet mignon and duck breast. 

Tuxedo clad filleting expert speaking to my Sole--Dover Sole that is :)&nbsp;

Tuxedo clad filleting expert speaking to my Sole--Dover Sole that is :) 

Lemon Chiffon Cake and Chocolate Mousse for dessert!&nbsp;

Lemon Chiffon Cake and Chocolate Mousse for dessert! 

It was the perfect New York Experience. 

<3 Love, Camille 

P.S. We were sat next to none other than THE BOSS himself...Bruce Springsteen.  As someone who doesn't get star struck often, I couldn't help but to geek out a little bit ver what a truly small world and city we live in. 


As the leaves change, the summer heat turns into crisp autumn air, and the sun hits the earth in such a way that the the most magical light shines through in the late afternoon.  It's as if the east coast is turning a page in a book, shedding the spring and summer skin, preparing for the wintery new year. 



Daylight savings has ended and although we fell back an hour, and the days are filled with more darkness, this time of year reminds me to keep moving forward. It's a reminder that the end of the year is near, and begs me to question if I got all I wanted to out of 2016.  Have I grown personally, professionally, and mentally in a year?  Do I have a different perspective 300-ish days later? 

The truth is, absolutely.  I have new perspective on my fellow Americans, democracy and our country.  I have a new mental perspective on the type of American, and human I wish to be.  These past weeks have been eye opening, and the monumental election was a tough pill to swallow.  Although I'm discouraged that my hopes of the first woman president is diminished (for now), and the dunderhead President-elect is more concerned with his twitter account that uniting the country, I have to find a silver lining.  It is clear that there are still very visceral differences between the American people, and that those differences divide us.  The good news is we are now having conversations that are uncomfortable.  People are more aware of what our neighbors think and feel.  Like most New Yorkers we are in the thick of it.  Confused that we didn't realize how different we are from the rest of the country.  Befuddled and happily protected by the bubble of a melting pot we live in. I am no longer blinded by what I choose to read, watch and post.  I am forced to feel, I am forced to awaken and realize that although we have come far as a nation we have serious work to do in the next four years.  I refuse to feel as though we are moving backwards.  We now know that not all our neighbors are our friends.  The press is openly reporting actual facts on the boy's club that is about to run our country.  This is progress! In the past, facts were smudged and characters candy coated (hello? Regan, Nixon, Bush administration).  

Feeling hopeless wont solve anything so I welcome the conversation and not just with the likeminded.  I want to talk, and then I want to share, and then I want to be kind.  If anything, this election is a reminder that although we are all Americans we have differences that should be celebrated.  I don't want to fall into a social media hole and be updated on the latest rhetoric, I want to do my part to be a good human. I wish to find the best in people and give them my very best.  Practice humility and patience so that perhaps we can come together as a nation. Because at the end of the day, when it really comes down to it, we all just want to live a happy life and eat good food. "Be the change you wish to see in the world."--Mahatma Ghandi.  I reckon that is a good start. 

Sooooo...with all that said, I have found great solace in working out as it helps to calm me and sort my thoughts.  Fort Greene Park is particularly lovely this time of year and makes for an incredible gym.  I give you fabulous fall photos of beautiful Brooklyn in the good ol' USA.  

Booze helps...Autumn Sangria with apples, cinnamon, white wine and single malt scotch 

Luckily, this is the time of year in the hospitality industry when people want to eat drink and be merry.  In addition, we as humans tend to eat and drink our sorrows away. Win-win for us! So go out, drink some spiked cider, kick some leaves, and Fall Forward.

<3 Love, Camille 

P.S. This started as a nice fluffy post after being off for a while, showing you pretty pictures of autumn in Brooklyn and my adventures at the farmer's market on a fine Saturday in November.  Instead the state of the country today compelled me to write something about what I was feeling after this whole election hubbub.  Back to fun posts soon.  xx